Haven’t updated in ages, apologies. The main website should probably get a litttttle more attention, it’s just a more involved interface.

I’m knee deep into finishing 44FLOOD’s THE SQUIDDER, my new OGN I’m writing and drawing that’ll be out ASAP ( After an amazingly successful Kickstarter, thanks so much guys! ) as well as popping the question to my lovely lady Ash while down in Australia right now, ( erm, she said yes, by the way, ) so I’m a bit out of touch…but by now I guess the news is out that there’s some plans afoot with WORMWOOD: GENTLEMAN CORPSE for some sort of animated TV show, spearheaded by IDW’s entertainment outfit and the likes of George Lopez and  David M. Stern ( Who’s “UGLY AMERICANS” I really quite dig and bodes well I think. Give it a watch ).

As with all that stuff there’s fluffy press releases but all you really need to know is, I don’t know much. I’ve had  no real discussions on involvement and I honestly don’t know what I *can* do. I have no control over all the big things, so please let me pre-empt all the notions and questions on if  I can cast Tom Cruise or Angelina Jolie and all that stuff. That power is not mine to have. Never will be. I’m just a comic creator, and I love creator owned comics done *my* way, so at the end of the day, so long as the spirit of the book is maintained, ( thumbing your nose at cohesive narrative storytelling in favour of  focussing on concepts like demons with STD’s and sexually overactive transgendered Leprechauns and all the stuff Wormwood usually has going on ,) and so long as it’s not going to end up looking like the Powerpuff girls visually, all will be well and I trust the folks involved to do some interesting things.

I’ll be tackling some *new* WORMWOOD comics after THE SQUIDDER is done, among other things. The only reason, to be honest,  I’m into things things going into other media, to be honest, is to bring more attention to the comics and the source material as that’s how I pay my rent and do my little bit to help nurture the strange little medium we call sequential art through the 21st century.

Oh yeah, and don’t forget THE SQUIDDER OGN is coming! Because who honestly wouldn’t want to try to harness any entertainment industry buzz for their own grassroots creative endeavors? Some new covers for the later IDW floppy issues after the OGN version the loyal fans will get, below. Check out the AMAZING Shane Pierce cover! The rest of the world may see some stuff at Wondercon this weekend. Where I will not be at. 78SQUID will be ramping up some interesting things in the next few months too, once I’m back from Australia.

Oh and real quick, because I get asked a bunch right now, nope, I won’t be at San Diego Comic-con short of a miracle from the Great Squid. Just can’t afford it anymore & it’s lost it’s grassroots appeal in favour of the mega corp products. Look for me at Longbeach Comic-con late this year, I should be there.

Thanks for putting up with my horrible grammatical abilities!



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