Basically what the image says. Yes, I’ll be there from Thursday!

Damn though, the world takes some strange turns… took a few more flights than expected lately on some amazing things I can’t talk about ( NDA’s that get what’s left of my soul, sorry ) Though when it all finally breaks… well, the Great Squid is currently blessing me with it’s golden tentacle…

Which in part is my way of explaining the absence of updates for awhile. ( Also, thanks to my absolutely shitty Dreamhost hosting service. Which I’ll be changing sometime soon… )… TempleSith Tuesdays WILL be back shortly… just staring at a squidload of work needing to get done as well.

& then of course, there’s the 44FLOOD, TOME kickstarter, that ends tomorrow morning. It’s been an amazing ride & the hard work is yet to begin. Thanks to all you guys for contributing, be it as a backer, or as an artist. It’s truly become a beast…

TOME Thanks2 from Ben Templesmith on Vimeo.

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