I’m not dead, just been working away on far too many things, going slightly crazy and dealing with a *LOT* of big issues. And obviously, being horrible at updating and getting back to some. Redefining who you are as an artist and saying “fuck off” to the old rules a little sucks sometimes. Totally snowed under.

But a brief note! Yes, I am insane. Hence this:

A month of cons. Bloody hell.

yup, if you want to get on the commission list, drop me a note: bentemplesmith@gmail.com after looking at the commissions page on this site!

& yes, the DEAD SUN Zombie print 01 will debut at Albuqueque con and also show up online June 12th until stocks last at the shows and at 78SQUID ( yes they’ll be cheaper at cons because there has to be some perks! )

DEAD SUN limited print

On top of that, I’ve just confirmed I’ll be in Denmark, Spain ( Madrid ) and MALTA later this year.

Phew, more soon. So much I can’t talk about at all yet.

Oh, and my Batman story goes live late June on the Ipad via DC comics.

Ride the Squid my friends.

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