THE SQUIDDER goes LIVE & goes big already…

Well, I didn’t honestly expect that. But THE SQUIDDER Kickstarter Launched and made it’s initial goal in just 6 hours. So that’s the printing of the book achieved. Anything else allows lights to stay on, food in my mouth and you know, basically surviving til the book is done if possible. Check out what all the fuss is about here:


Just… thank you.

Because of all you guys, a creative with an idea can now publish a book, tell a story and start making his vision happen. Printing costs are now covered! Because of you and your amazing support, THE SQUIDDER is now well and truly alive and. Depending on how the rest of the Kickstart campaign goes, we can roll out all sorts of little extras and interesting things. And yes indeed, we have a few things planned for you for all the support.

The best way to do things is without compromising, without a boss or a corporation diluting a creative vision. And thanks to your amazing response so far, that can now happen.


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