Today, the “TENTACLE RISING” collection, ( hey, I didn’t know what else to call it for the overall design! ) has gone on sale with pre-ordering ( at 78SQUID.com of course! ). The pre-order is for a full month, so there’s hopefully plenty of time for folks to get in on the ground floor if they want. I can’t speak to what quantities I’ll have left once pre-orders are fulfilled though.

Right now, the collection up for pre-order is leggings, ( Yes there is some plus sizes ) three kinds of dresses, and an all over tshirt for men and women. Slightly depending on manufacturing, they should ship out in February to folks who order them. Every order will also come with a mini-print. ( and other various thankyou’s )

If it goes well enough ( There’s some order minimums I have to make in order to turn even a bare profit, much less purchase extras for general sale later ) I’ll do many other designs and keep the thing going.

Have always wanted to do a bit of fashion stuff. I’ve seen some leggings for years and always thought most of the art tacked onto them was treated as non dedicated clip art. I wanted to finally make some tentacle leggings I’m not pained to see myself! And yup, next to tattoos, and buying original art, there’s no higher compliment I take than someone wearing some of my art. I really hope you guys dig what I’m doing. The rest of the world will find out about all this tomorrow when we go live!





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