TempleSith Tuesday: Imperial Death Star guards & the CANTINA SCENE BEGINS

For some reason I forgot to post the last TempleSith Tuesday… but I was running around & travelling, so things get hectic & updating the site via backend is a bit more intensive than just tweeting the bloody stuff. So apologies.

To make up for that, here’s the last one AND this weeks! FINALLY, I’m on to the Cantina Scene, in all it’s perverted strange glory. I’ll do nearly all of them, if I can get info on them.

So, welcome the Imperial Death Star guard & his delightful interrorgation droid… and Dem Hazon, the first guy we see when we enter the Cantina, withe the drug addicted glowy eyes.


As per usual, if you dig them, they’re available over at 78SQUID!

TempleSith Tuesday: Imperial Deathstar Guard with Interrogation Droid

TempleSith Tuesday: Dem Hazon- Cantina Scene

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