TempleSith Tuesday: Deep Fried Aunt Beru & Uncle Owen

Yeah, I did it…

And it’s back! TempleSith Tuesday: Each Tuesday I draw a character/s from the original Star Wars films, as they appear in each scene, starting with A New Hope.

The last one was Grand Moff Tarkin & his two buddies, which you can still see over at 78SQUID.. and yes, it was awhile ago, conventions & work got in the way. Should be back to schedule for awhile now at least.

This week, yes…. deep fried Aunt Beru and Uncle Owen. Each time characters change clothing or their physical form, they get drawn anew. This is definitely an improvement on what must be the most boring characters in the entire Star Wars universe…

If you dig it, it’s also up on 78SQUID now.

TempleSith Tuesday: Deep fried Beru & Owen


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