LUST: Steve Niles, Menton3 & Me. 46 HOURS TO GO.

So far it’s been a wild, exhausting ride at 44FLOOD, part of a new venture I’m involved with. Our first book TOME is taking shape after an utterly amazing response from people and the arts community and the next book, LUST, is the first time Steve Niles and I are working on something creator owned together since we created a little thing called 30 DAYS OF NIGHT.

LUST ART/PRINTS + VICE Series Announcement from Ben Templesmith on Vimeo.

The kickstarter has just 6 days to go. We’re using it, fundamentally, as a pre-order system to know how many to print plus give options of completely personalized sketch editions, kickstarter exclusive prints and various other fancy pants versions. Suffice to say this book will be pretty hard to get once the kickstarter is over.

Oh, and it’s going to have a foreword by The Master, WARREN ELLIS. Which has me completely humbled that he’s going to write about dirty things and what not in the book.

I feel things brewing in me, thoughts about the entire nature of crowd funding, publishing and the general nature of creating…so I’ll probably rant about things at some point. I’ve just been utterly buggered lately with travel and cons and about 10 different jobs on all at the same time. My body feels like it’s hurtling towards oblivion right now & no amount of coffee can fix it. So much to do, so little time. If I’ve not gotten back to you yet, apologies. I shall. Slowly climbing out of the swamp that has been the last few weeks.



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