It’s LIVE.

Well, more undead. Sort of.

 And It's LIVE. ( Templesmith.com that is )

I’m getting back online a bit more. Been thinking about life, comics and the very nature of what I do. Expect things to get interesting as the year progresses. I’m choosing a different path now and some new directions.


Right now I’m attempting to kill two rather important deadlines, so will update when I can… & a big one is coming… but this is, most importantly my new *home*. Designed & put together by the amazing Sonia, of SoyaBean Design. About time I took my branding seriously again after several screwed up years dealing with people and issues that did everything they could to stop me creating and thinking about what matters most.

Art. ( Well, and Squid. )

I can’t bloody wait to show what’s coming.

Lots of stuff going to go up here. Big news updates coming, don’t worry. Getting rather sick of all the questions so will be nice to have a link to just direct people to!

And can I just say, I really like the height of the trees.


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