HP LOVECRAFT’S DAGON is now available for preorder!

If you’ve not yet heard, my next project is one I’ve always wanted to do, adapt HP Lovecraft’s DAGON into comic book form.

The backing you guys gave me, by merely purchasing a book and maybe some prints and a shirt, on my first one, THE SQUIDDER, blew me away and was amazing proof that a creative can go outside established entities that normally bankroll a project and take debatable percentages of the IP a person creates as part of the bargain.

Because of you guys, I could print a modest print run of book I could do exactly the way I wanted, on my terms.

 44FLOOD is just a group of like minded people who aren’t afraid of a bit of the backend work of stuffing envelopes and lugging hundreds of boxes to the post office, feats which allow me to keep doing the real stuff, which is creating.

Kickstarter has changed the game for me, in that now I don’t need to seek outside funding and bargain away some of my rights as a creator. It’s the most empowering thing in the world really. And I much prefer to go straight to the coalface, and sell direct to a consumer first, get that audience feedback, market and push my own product, instead of just seeing a small listing in a large catalog amongst the many, which is a disconnection for me really. There’s a time for that, a secondary market, where the economics of the distribution chain mean a totally different dynamic, levels of risk and ultimately, levels of control. But via online endeavors like Kickstarter and our own marketing, we can make artifacts that don’t require those overheads or sheer numbers. We can make exclusive little things, in the hundreds if need be. Special things direct to you guys. I really recommend having a look at so many new projects going up on Kickstarter, not just mine. You’ll find unique voices and experienced ones finding new freedom to create because you empower them there.

If all goes well, thanks to the generosity of the online community, I’ll be able to adapt DAGON, a short story by HP Lovecraft, that I’ve wanted to do for years and will now have the chance. It’s a smaller project than THE SQUIDDER but equally as challenging. I’ve never adapted someone elses work before. The tentacled horrors of the deep though, are something I’m very familiar with. So I hope you’ll come along for the ride with me. You can find the kickstarter preorder page here.

Throughout the month I’ll be offering some interesting things to help push the book. Some of you may get sick of it, so apologies in advance, but we can’t all have the budgets of Marvel. I won’t promise to break the internet, but I’ll be giving away some rather special things to folks who help get the word out. You help me eat, and pay rent.

So stay tuned.

And thankyou.


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