If anyone’s been following me for the last few years, you know I used to put out a helluva lot of comics. And a majority of them, creator owned. ( Yes, amazingly I made a career out of doing original new IP without needing to rely on working on corporate owned characters generally speaking though sure, I’m never going to turn down something interesting that pays well! ) Yes, if you stick at it, or already have a decent enough audience, open to new things, creator owned works are a completely viable option, assuming you don’t have high overheads and the ownership isn’t distributed among too many parties to make the profits too small. But all that’s for another post and many others say much more clever things than I on the subject…

Oh F#@%

But I pretty much dropped off the planet, productivity wise, for a couple years, for various reasons, plenty of them rather stupid, though we all have to go through life’s garbage every now and then…& I’d had pretty plain sailing until that point. So I dealt with crap far more important, at the time, than doing comics, ( Though I now realize, I was dealing with some crap far *less* important than comics too )…and for awhile it didn’t stop. I’d never dealt with so much drama and BS. Took me ages to learn I was surrounding myself with the wrong, vacuous, negative and destructive forces to my creativity and I just couldn’t get anything done. Was like I’d stopped dead. My commitments, however, did not. And for far too long I went about screwing myself up, neglecting my career and what I’ve discovered since, is really central to my life. Being creative.

So My latest creator owned work with the awesome piece of humanity that is Ben McCool, took a backseat… and eventually hit a brick wall. And Choker disappeared off the radar for far too long. And it’s all my fault, of course and I’ll probably still be spending the next couple years apologizing for that as I ramp up again.

But now, it’s DONE.


It’s still hard to get into the grove to do comics again. Things still seem to take double the time they used to. Maybe I’m getting old. But it’s done. The monkey of the eternal project that was Choker is finally off my back. Which is pretty liberating and I can now start thinking about new things & wrapping up the last of some of the still far too late, loose ends. I’ll do an update on all the other things I get asked about soon, don’t worry.

Not sure when Choker #6 will be out, sometime soon I assume. That’ll be whatever’s best for Image. There will be a TPB am sure, with some special things in it from Ben & I. The book Choker was always meant to be, in one handy volume, the way things really should be read! And hopefully, it’ll be worth the wait.

It might be slow going but I’m back, and thanks to the amazing support of a host of good people now, my comics are coming with me.

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