March 24th & 25th! & yup, you can email me for the commission list: bentemplesmith@gmail.com or via the commissions page…




If anyone’s been following me for the last few years, you know I used to put out a helluva lot of comics. And a majority of them, creator owned. ( Yes, amazingly I made a career out of doing original new IP without needing to rely on working on corporate owned characters generally speaking though sure, I’m never going to turn down something interesting that pays well! ) … MORE...


Daily sketch: Dragon girlie

Most days I try to get at least one random drawing done that *I* want to do. Usually as a warm up and to stay sane. ( & then I usually instagram the sucker ). Been out of the game long enough I have to exercise that muscle & get it going a bit. … MORE...


It’s LIVE.

Well, more undead. Sort of.


I’m getting back online a bit more. Been thinking about life, comics and the very nature of what I do. Expect things to get interesting as the year progresses. I’m choosing a different path now and some new directions.… MORE...


Allo Again

About to resume normal broadcasting. It’s been awhile. Artistic reboot complete and re-engagement with the world that won’t shutup about to begin. Ye Squid.

Wee little video after the cut promoting my upcoming appearance at Dr. Sketchys!… MORE...


Xmas Commissions

SO MUCH work is *almost* done and I’ve got to get a couple things out of the way I am hellishly late on… among them a couple commissions, so if I’m in that mode, I figure with bills to pay as Xmas approaches and a day or so set aside to take on a limited number of online commissions. All to be done and mailed before I flee the country for the sweaty festering heat of Australia.… MORE...


Bram Stoker’s Dracula

None of that Twilight pussy shit here.

Art painted on an actual book, that came with a blank cover. Damn I love doing them.

& it’s my weekly Ebay thing if anyone wants it too.… MORE...



Lord of the Tentacle, his holiness, his toothiness, the cephalopodic despot, SQUID KING. Almost out of time on ze Ebay, spare the world from his squidly wrath before the end of the night. Etc. Hard at work, oh the things to show shortly.… MORE...

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