FINALLY, I can show the world!

BLACKHOLERS is going to be a web comic. And it’s going to be free. 2 pages a week if I can manage it. Updated mondays and thursdays. You’ll find it here: www.theblackholers.com starting thursday. ( If you’re on your phone click the url and reload it if it doesn’t load the first time, I promise it’s all there. )  It’s a little bit spacey, a little revengey ( Yes I know these aren’t real words! ) It’s a little bit Wormwood/black humour and really just a whole lot of things I like thrown into one to have fun with. A story about a woman who’s fought to survive her entire life, savage aliens who took her eyes she wants some payback with, and a whole lot of galactic politics. And of course, SQUID.

So the webcomic is FREE.

BUT, if you’re so inclined, and you want to be a month early on what the general public sees, I’ve finally delved into the world of Patreon. ( www.patreon.com/templesmith ) It’s sort of like a Kickstarter, but way smaller, and constant. No waiting for months to get a final book, you ride with me the entire way and *still* get something at the end. Or every month. Or whenever you like really. It’s a sort of club. That’s my mindset. Lots of special things, for those folks who really seem to dig my work and want me to keep producing it. I have no idea how it’ll go to be honest, but if it helps fund me doing BLACKHOLERS and survive, I’ll be blown away. The goal is to self fund all my projects from now on ( Contrary to popular belief I didn’t make huge profits off previous Kickstarters and of what profit there was, much of it actually went to boost 44FLOOD, an entity I cofounded, to help keep it’s lights on! ) So doing creator owned work is always a continued struggle to put your heart into something insane, while still paying the bills!

I’m also doing a long term art book, LITTLE DEVILS, on Patreon too… and a few other projects, some I mention on the page and some I’ll leave til later for folks to find out. But go there to find out what they are as this email is big enough right now, apologies! I’ve been working on this stuff for several months now, in my new studio in Seattle and I’m kind of living the dream with what I’m producing these days. I just hope you might like it too. The next few days I’ll be propagating my Patreon with a lot of content, some free for the public to give them an idea of what’s in store and then eventually mostly just for the special folks that want to be part of err, Team Squid!

You guys have always been amazing to me, a fact I’m fully appreciative of. I hope you’ll dig my next step and what hopefully, will be a project I’ll be doing for years to come, if I can afford to.


( Oh and for those wondering, I just got some awesome DAGON news on printing/shipping dates so if you’re a backer check the updates over there! )




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