October 2015



FINALLY, I can show the world!… MORE...



Folks on my mailing list will find out things a little earlier though.


HALLOWEEN art sale! FIDDLESTICKS sketchbook debut!

Until November 1st I have a few goodies up on that will either disappear or change price once Halloween is over. Plus, it’s the debut of the FIDDLE STICKS sketchbook! Regular and painted art editions!


Yes, shameless plugging. But also… BLACKHOLERS is coming. ( And DAGON is at the printers so Im not going to just twiddle my thumbs. )

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Sandman Overture #1 painting

I drew and painted up a SANDMAN OVERTURE #1 sketchcover and filmed part  of it.

If you dig it, it’s actually available now on ebay over here.

I love doing timelapse and have many, many more vids to come!

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